Portescap's eCommerce Capabilities
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Portescap's eCommerce Capabilities

May 31, 2022

In 2021, Portescap successfully launched the Portescap eStore, an eCommerce platform housing a variety of miniature motor technologies and accessories that are available for purchase. Given the current market environment, we know that being able to easily obtain prototyping samples within a short timeframe is extremely valuable; that’s why we’re dedicated to continuously extending the eStore’s range of available products and package opportunities, as well as our global ship-to presence.

Motors on the eStore are either available for immediate order or through an RFQ; the eStore also allows you to combine certain motors with accessories, including gearboxes and encoders, that come fully assembled and ready to use. On the other hand, if a customized product is what best suits your application’s needs, our engineers are readily available to discuss how we can assist you in developing a more tailored solution (Pro Tip – you can live chat with us!). This means that no matter your requirements, whether it’s an off-the-shelf motor solution or motor customization, the eStore is an excellent place to start your mini motor sample search.

However, the Portescap eStore is not the only source for ordering motors quickly and easily – that’s where our eRetailers come in! RS Components and Digi-Key Electronics are our dedicated eCommerce partners, with each bringing its own unique range of available products and services based on location. RS Components and Digi-Key typically keep many products in stock and provide several shipping options; choosing an eCommerce partner is also ideal for those with very low volume orders. A summary of our three different eCommerce options can be found below.

Regardless of the mini motor prototype you’re searching for, or how fast you need it, Portescap, RS Components, and Digi-Key offer products and services that fully satisfy – and exceed – your motion controls needs. For any type of assistance required when selecting the right motor for your application, the experts at Portescap, RS Components and Digi-Key are ready to provide support. Happy Prototyping! 

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Portescap eStore

Digi-Key and RS Components

Largest product portfolio

Range of delivery options, including next working day

Standard samples delivered in ~3 weeks from USA and India

Availability of other products and accessories

Availability of customization options and Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration

Strong regional support across languages, locations, and time zones

Dedicated Portescap Customer Service support

Product guides and customer support available