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Introducing the Portescap Newsroom

June 17, 2022

If you’re in the world of B2B manufacturing and engineering, staying up to date with the latest in industry and product news is a no-brainer. We know that you have your go-to sources for these types of updates, including industry-relevant publications, engineering portals, email newsletters, company websites, and even LinkedIn influencers and YouTube channels! However, we also know that it can get a bit time-consuming to sort through the multitude of sources and ensure that you’re all caught up.

That’s where the Portescap Newsroom comes into play! We recently unveiled the Newsroom, an exclusive outlet that brings you the latest in news, events, literature, video, and other resources related to the world of mini motor technologies, applications, and solutions. We’ve divided this platform into four simple buckets for easy consumption:

  • Application Profiles. Mini motors are everywhere, even in the most niche of industries. Our application profiles highlight how Portescap’s miniature motors have been utilized to solve the unique needs and problems encountered by customers across a variety of industrial and medical spaces. Some intriguing examples include motors for Atherectomy Devices, Humanoid Robots, and Automated Window Shades!
  • Portescap in Motion Blog. If you’re searching for easy-to-digest information about mini motors, the Portescap in Motion blog is for you. Our weekly blog covers a wide variety of topics, including motion innovations and new products, in-depth explanations of motor technologies, accessories, and solutions, and how motors help power specific applications. Pro Tip: subscribe here to receive a monthly blog recap directly to your inbox.
  • Press ReleasesWant a quick overview of Portescap in the news? From product announcements and company updates to technology and industry advancements and tradeshow exhibitions, our press releases showcase our top newsworthy happenings. Check out the announcement on our new R&D facility for an example!
  • WhitepapersOur whitepaper library is the ideal spot for those searching for more technical details. Housing a wealth of technical papers that highlight miniature motor technologies, as well as the applications, devices, and markets utilizing these critical components, some of the most popular reads include Eliminating Design Compromises in Industrial Tools, Every Drop Counts, and Selecting Miniature Motors for Your Medical Device.

Be sure to bookmark the Portescap Newsroom link for easy access and check back often for mini motor content that you don’t want to miss!