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Mini Motors in Action at Automate 2022

June 14, 2022

Have an interest in the technologies behind applications in the robotics and automation industries? The thousands of attendees at Automate 2022 sure did! The Automate Show, recently held in Detroit, Michigan, is an annual gathering that not only showcases cutting-edge robotic and automated solutions, but brings together experts, industry leaders, and customers from across the globe to network and strengthen their connections to others in these fields.

Portescap at Automate – Miniature Motors for Robotics and Automation

As a provider of miniature motor solutions that help power these industries, we were thrilled to attend Automate, showcase our motors solutions, and chat with customers about their unique application needs. Our brush DC, brushless DC, and stepper miniature motors provide the high torque density, high speeds, long life, and high efficiency that are necessary to maximize performance, reduce the cost of ownership, and improve the reliability and precision of automation and robotic technologies. Specific application examples that leverage our miniature motors include:

  • Electric Grippers – Brushless DC and stepper motors provide high motor efficiency for reduced power consumption; low inertia and high speed reduces cycling time
  • LiDAR – Brushless DC motors offer high torque density and high efficiency while ensuring lower speed drop under load
  • Material Handling – Brushless DC, brush DC, and stepper motors provide high power density to reduce application footprint size; millions of duty cycles are possible thanks to long motor life
  • Pick and Place – Brushless DC, brush DC, and stepper motors ensure high levels of acceleration and accuracy in a small envelope
  • Surgical Robotics – Brushless DC and stepper motors offer speed, torque, feedback, and precise position control; standard sterilizable surgical motors are designed and tested to 1,000+ autoclave cycles – custom designs can be designed to achieve 3,000+ cycles

Additionally, motors accessories such as encoders and gearboxes, customization options, and the availability of Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration ensure that any Portescap motor will meet – and exceed – all application requirements.

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Application in Focus: Atherectomies

Peripheral Artery disease treatment device

Atherectomy Device Used to Treat Peripheral Heart Disease

While at Automate, John Kroll, Account Manager at Portescap, chatted with our friends at Altra Industrial Motion regarding a specific application utilizing our brushless DC motors: atherectomy procedures. You can also watch the interview here.

  • Interviewer: When we're talking about miniature motors in medical applications, can you give some examples of what that looks like? If I were a patient at a hospital about to have a procedure, how would your product integrate with my body?
  • John KrollSure. There’s one I can tell you about: the removal of plaque built up in the arteries using an atherectomy device. [Atherectomy procedures] use a long wire, with a specialized bit at the end that will cut or grind out the blockage, and our motors are connected to that cable, rotating up to 100,000 RPM. Based on the technology of the device, the motion removes the blockage without any damage to the artery or the patient’s body. Reliability is extremely important for the motor as it must operate properly at the high speed while integrated into the device itself.  The doctor in the surgical room needs to be able to complete the operation quickly, easily, and efficiently, requiring consistent performance from the motor.

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