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Thrombolysis Treatment Devices Depend on DC Motors

July 1, 2022

Blood normally flows freely through your blood vessels, carrying much-needed oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. However, blood flow can become blocked when blood thickens and clumps, forming a thrombus (i.e. blood clot) in the vessel; this clot can cause severe damage to nearby tissues and must be treated quickly. Doctors utilize a variety of approaches to remove these blood clots, including thrombolysis treatment.

In this approach, mechanical thrombectomy devices powered by a DC motor fragment and extract the thrombus; in simple terms, these mini motor-powered devices remove the blood clot. The thrombectomy device must prove adaptable to the variety of patient topographies encountered by the doctor. Tactile feel and control of the device are important as well, ensuring the proper fragmentation and aspiration of the clot. Optimum device design not only leads to an ideal procedure time for the patient but also helps to ensure no complications arise.

Portescap’s DCT series of DC Coreless motors are well matched to the requirements for these mechanical thrombectomy devices, especially the 22mm and 24mm diameters.  The optimized magnetic design leads to increased power output, which ensures high torque during the procedure. The coreless design delivers higher speed capability and speed consistency during operation, a key advantage over iron core motors. Furthermore, the coreless design’s quicker response time and lighter weight ensure improved ergonomics, providing the doctor with the required tactile feel.

Overall, the 22mm and 24mm DC Coreless motors provide the higher speed and torque capability, wider speed range coverage, and competitive price/performance necessary to meet the requirements of thrombectomy devices. Portescap’s Engineering teams fully understand the design requirements of the device, translating the performance evaluation into the ideal motor solution. Learn more about why our engineering expertise, customization capability and global manufacturing locations makes us the ideal partner for thrombectomy device development.

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