Revisiting Motion Solution Parameters in Infusion System Design
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Revisiting Motion Solution Parameters in Infusion System Design

August 17, 2022

As an engineer begins work on a new infusion system, the key requirements of the pump are at the forefront of the design. At the heart of these requirements are the parameters of the motion system, including the motor, gearhead, and other motor accessories, that will drive the pumping mechanism. It’s common for design engineers to utilize catalog specifications and online tools to ensure the motion system can deliver the desired results during these initial stages; however, this can lead to oversizing the motion system in order to guarantee the concept prototype operates correctly.

Because this preliminary sizing occurs in the earliest design phases, the initial motion system parameters need to be considered as estimates only and should be revisited later down the line. Unfortunately, this reexamination of initial specifications doesn’t occur as often as needed. Instead, the design engineer may focus on aspects of the pump outside of the motion system in the next phase, given that it provided the required output in the preliminary testing. This leaves the oversized (and more expensive) motion solution untouched, creating a situation where the design engineer is not fully utilizing the motion system capability to facilitate optimal size and performance.

Resolving this situation is simple: early engagement with a trusted motion solutions supplier like Portescap. By engaging with the Portescap team at the start of the infusion system design, the collaboration naturally extends beyond the motion solution and includes its integration into the pump itself, as well as the pump’s output and performance.  Discussions move beyond the basic motion solution and tie the drive mechanism performance to the key requirements of the pump, presenting multiple options to achieve the desired goal. In fact, holding a few rounds of Engineer-to-Engineer discussions in the initial design phase can result in a more tailored initial prototype that will meet the desired output.

benefits of early engagement with Portescap

The Portescap team has a deep understanding of the different routes for infusion system prototyping, including rapid development (3D printing) and higher accuracy development (machining or soft tooling).  With standard products available for bench testing and an experienced design team available for engagement, connecting with Portescap at the initial phases of the design ensures the motion system is optimized for your infusion system. Learn more about our motors for infusion systems or reach out to us directly here!