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Bringing Our Latest Motion Innovations to Life

September 29, 2022

The teams at Portescap are constantly in motion, and this is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the launch of our latest product developments. Sparked by customer feedback and driven by technical insights, these newest motion solutions are unique products that work to solve complex problems for critical applications while simultaneously acting as inspiration for future product advancements. Our dedication to innovation is taken even further by robust customization options, so no matter the solution you’re seeking, rest assured that it will be wholly tailored to your application’s unique requirements and specifications!

Motors, Controllers, Gearheads, and Encoders, Oh My!

We’ve launched ten product launches in less than a year’s time, across a wide range of technologies and featuring an extensive variety of traits – and we plan to launch three more by year’s end! With this in mind, let’s cover the newest additions to the Portescap portfolio:

It’s Miniature Motor Mayhem

  • 32ECF and 20ECF Brushless DC Slotted Flat Motors. Let’s give a warm welcome to the 32ECF and 20ECF brushless DC slotted flat motors, which are the newest motor technologies to join Portescap’s expansive motor family! These motors offer speeds up to 10,000 rpm and diameters as small as 20mm, as well as a lower cost of ownership and extensive customizability that will meet and surpass your needs. The 32ECF and 20ECF’s compact design and flat architecture make them the perfect choice for applications where power-packed performance is a necessity and where space comes at a premium, including service and surgical robotics, medical infusion pumps, electric grippers, and diagnostics/medical analyzers.
  • 12ECP48 Ultra EC™ Brushless DC Motor. The most recent addition to the Ultra EC brushless DC platform, the 12ECP48 features a 12mm diameter, reaches speeds of up to 60,000 rpm, and at 30 grams, is almost 10% lighter than competitive motors of a similar size. Battery-powered hand tools in the medical and industrial markets will be well-served by this motor, such as biopsy, podiatry, and endodontic hand tools and miniature pumps.
  • Surgical Motor Solutions:
    • B0614A4 Autoclavable Slotted Brushless DC Gearmotor. Also referred to as our Size 6 Surgical Motor Solutions brushless DC motor, the B0614A4 is available in 2 winding variations and with an output shaft sealing option for improved reliability. This gearmotor is designed to withstand up to 1,000 autoclave cycles and is optimized for use in arthroscopic shaver applications, as its high speeds allow for shorter surgery cases and cleaner, soft tissue cuts.
    • B0512A1 Autoclavable Slotted Brushless DC Motor. The Size 5 brushless DC motor is an ideal solution for powered surgical hand tools employed in spine, cranial, maxiofacial, and otologic (ear) surgeries. Surviving up to 1,000 autoclave cycles, this motor’s high torque, high-speed design is optimized for increased precision while drilling into dense bone.
    • B111A4 Autoclavable Cannulated Slotted Brushless DC Gearmotor. Large bone drilling applications, especially joint replacement surgeries of the knee, hip, and shoulder, will benefit greatly from the Size 11 brushless DC motor! As with our other surgical motors, the B111A4 is highly reliable in autoclave environments, withstanding up to 1,000 autoclave cycles; the cannulated miniature gearmotor also allows passage of pins through the motor for pin-driving, and wire-driving / K-wire applications.

Coordinate Performance with Controllers

  • CNT2440 Autoclavable Controller. Our newest controller is designed to perform in the harshest surgical environments, and its autoclavability (up to 1,000 sterilization cycles) helps fulfill the need for sterilizable controller options in the medical market. This controller is fully compatible with Portescap’s brushless DC slotted and brushless DC slotless range of sterilizable motors and is the ideal solution for those seeking a one-of-a-kind sterilizable motor + sterilizable controller package.

Get Your Gears Going with Gearheads

  • R32HT Ball Bearing Gearhead. Offering high torque capabilities up to 9Nm, the R32HT gearhead can be mounted onto Portescap’s 35GLT range of brush DC motors, which is one of the largest and most powerful in our brush DC motor portfolio. It’s the perfect option for those seeking a higher torque option between our existing R32 and R40 gearheads; example applications include electric grippers, missile fin actuation, and powered hand tools.
  • B16C Sleeve Bearing Gearhead. The B16C is a sleeve bearing gearhead that features a rated torque up to 100mNm and assists in reducing the overall footprint of applications, due to its direct integration into the motor itself. This gearbox is an excellent option for miniature applications requiring a very compact package, such as ambulatory enteral feeding pumps, miniature pumps, and home infusion pump applications in the Medical Infusion Systems market.

Ensure Accuracy with Encoders

  • M-Sense22 Magnetic Encoder. Pairing well with Portescap’s existing brushless slotless motors, the M-Sense22 fulfills the need for applications that require brushless DC motor capabilities with closed loop feedback systems. This encoder is capable of providing both incremental and absolute feedback, even at high input speeds up to 200,000 RPM. The encoder offers accuracy up to 1.5 degrees and features a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines, ensuring that any specific application resolution needs are satisfied.

Be sure to explore all of our new products here and stay in the loop about our coming-soon Motion Innovations!