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Improvements and Enhancements on the Portescap eStore

October 27, 2022

In the year and a half since its launch, the Portescap eStore has quickly become a go-to destination for sourcing miniature motor prototypes in the online space. Our ultimate goal when launching the eStore was twofold: firstly, to create a simple, streamlined, and consistent purchasing experience for engineers who need to quickly evaluate off-the-shelf mini motor samples; and secondly, to provide a starting point for those searching for a more customized motion solution for their application.

To facilitate these aims, we’ve implemented a number of website improvements that both enhance and simplify the user experience. Here are the top three enhancements that have been rolled out in 2022 thus far:

  1. >30% Increase in Number of Available Products. Who wants to shop on an eStore with a limited inventory? With this in mind, we’ve increased the number of products available on the Portescap eStore by over 30%! This means that engineers now not only have a larger quantity of prototypes to choose from, but also a wider variety, including motor accessories like gearheads and encoders.
  2. >40% Increase in Number of Ship-To Countries. Geography shouldn’t hinder an engineer’s ability to order and test quality mini motor samples for a process or product. To address this, we’ve extended our eStore’s ship-to destinations by over 40% since 2021, thus ensuring motor prototype access for customers around the globe. Many of these new destinations are in South America and Asia, which complement our existing ship-to locations in North America and Europe. See all shipping destinations here.
  3. Web Chat, Activate! The addition of web chat functionality in mid-2022 has been crucial to improving the eStore’s user experience. The reason is simple: being able to get in touch with Portescap’s engineers in real time has not only greatly reduced response times, but has simultaneously helped customers gain confidence in the quality of our motion solutions available online.

As 2022 comes to a close in just over two months, we’re focused on developing our 2023 eStore roadmap. Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear it! Get in touch with us directly here.