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Breast Cancer Management Tools Rely on Miniature Motion Solutions

October 5, 2023

Cancer management is ever-evolving, with miniature motors playing an essential role in the evolution of the tools utilized in cancer detection and cancer treatment. An excellent example of this is breast cancer biopsy devices. Thousands of women have their breasts biopsied annually, with recent advancements in breast biopsy techniques increasing the procedure's effectiveness while simultaneously reducing the procedure's discomfort and stress. Let’s dive into the broader motion solutions for powered biopsy devices, as well as get a detailed look into one of these tools, the vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (VABB) device.

Powered Breast Biopsy Devices Rely on Motion Solutions

In comparison to the more conventional scalpel method, new powered biopsy procedures allow doctors to take multiple tissue samples from a single, small biopsy site through the use of powered biopsy devices. These tools have been proven to reduce the size of the biopsy incision by up to 85% and shorten the total process time by up to 75%. This means that breast biopsies are now able to be carried out more quickly, with less invasive procedures and greatly decreased recuperation time due to this new equipment driven by miniature motors.

Brushless slotted DC gear motors are able to fully meet these tools’ performance requirements. The design engineers can reduce the size of the packaging and create a handheld device that is as small and light as feasible thanks to the incredibly high torque this motor offers in a small package. Additionally, the high efficiency of these motors for biopsy systems enables design engineers to employ smaller batteries, which further reduces the size of the finished product. Other solutions include ironless brush DC motors, brushless motors, and stepper motors.

Explore the wide variety of motors for biopsy systems and check out our whitepaper, Miniature Motors in Cancer Detection to Treatment, for more details.

Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy (VABB) Devices

The traditional breast biopsy method is the core needle biopsy, which involves several needle insertions through the skin. A vacuum-assisted breast biopsy is one of the newer options used by providers to test for breast cancer. In a VABB, a single-insertion probe, powered by a brushless motor and gearbox, is utilized to collect tissue samples from small lumps in the breast that are unable to be felt; the samples are then sent off for testing.

Learn how Portescap’s collaboration with a leading biopsy device manufacturer led to a customized solution that improved torque and decreased device noise/footprint here

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