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Miniature Motors Power the Holiday Season

December 1, 2022

The holidays are one of the happiest times of the year. From spending quality time with family and friends to enjoying the festive décor, winter activities, and delicious meals, this season is one that’s filled with joy and excitement. Let’s explore how the world of miniature motors helps power the holiday season.

  • Time to Take to the Skies. Air travel is one of the most popular forms of travel during the holidays, and an uncomfortable flight is the last thing that any traveler wants to experience. That’s where miniature motors enter the picture! These motors are critical to powering a wide range of commercial aircraft applications, especially those that prioritize and improve the passenger experience. Examples include:
    • Automated Window Shades. Designing effective window shade systems that are quiet, smooth, and reliable ensures a luxurious, comfortable travel experience. Aircraft shade systems rely on miniature brush DC motors to work effectively, as these motors are what power the up-and-down motion of the window shades. Powered shade systems also commonly use a gearbox in conjunction with the motor to increase the torque output and lower the motor diameter.
    • ECS Valves. Do you expect an aircraft cabin that’s not too hot, not too cold, and is properly pressurized and ventilated? You can thank ECS valves, or Environmental Control System valves, for that. These valves maximize your comfort and safety by ensuring the above, relying on powerful, precise, and torque-dense miniature motors to do so.
    • Flight Control Systems. The components that comprise flight control systems, such as delivering feedback to the pilot, are vital to an aircraft functioning as it should. Brushless DC slotted and brushless slotless flat motors are ideal for these systems, offering a compact, power and torque-dense solution that are fully capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.
    • Seat Actuation. Imagine hopping on your flight, only to not be able to move your seat! Without miniature motors, aircraft seat movement would be impossible. These systems employ BLDC and brush DC coreless miniature motors to drive the actuator for a given set of seat control axes, including the headrest, footrest, or lumbar support.
  • Gift Workshops are in Overdrive. As the gift-giving season kicks into high gear, factories and manufacturing facilities experience an enormous increase in production needs, much of which rely on automation applications. Let’s cover how mini motors help meet the needs of these demanding processes:
    • Conveyor Systems. Goods make their way from Point A to Point B on the manufacturing floor via conveyor systems! These systems are powered by high-efficiency, high-power density brush DC and BLDC motors, which allow the loads to be moved while simultaneously remaining cool.
    • Material Handling. Handling and transporting components for manufactured goods is critical. Disc magnet stepper, brush DC, and brushless DC motors help maximize the performance of material handling robots by providing the high acceleration, long life, and high-power density they require.
  • Special Delivery! AGV’s, or automated guided vehicles, are well-suited for moving large volumes of material (inventory, raw materials, etc.) in a repetitive manner across facilities; this makes these portable robots an ideal solution for the holiday busy season! These robots use motion systems to drive the wheels, with miniature motors playing a critical role by providing continuous high torque for acceleration under a load while maintaining accurate control and extended run time.

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