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Let’s Talk New Year’s Resolutions – Miniature Motion Style

January 5, 2023

Do you normally create New Year’s resolutions for your business? If not, 2023 is an excellent time to start! Not only can resolutions help keep you and your teams aligned regarding the upcoming year’s top goals and deliverables, but they’re also very helpful in illustrating the standards or practices to which your business – and vendors – will adhere.

When making these resolutions, don’t forget to keep your miniature motion supplier in mind. In many industries, they supply critical components for your applications/devices, so should be considered key business partners. As you’re searching for your next motion system supplier (or are analyzing your current provider), here are four resolutions we recommend sticking to:

- My Mini Motor Provider Emphasizes Early, E2E Collaboration. The relationship between the design engineer and the motion system supplier – otherwise known as Engineer-to-Engineer collaboration – is critical and should begin at the concept stage or earlier. By collaborating from the outset, engineers from both sides of the aisle can provide valuable insight into the needs and requirements of the project; this helps choose the best path from the project’s outset. In fact, a few hours spent up-front with the supplier’s experts results in many benefits, including reduced design hours; decreased overall development time; and the delivery of a better-optimized product to the market.
- My Mini Motor Provider is Experienced. The highly technical nature of miniature motion design and the uniqueness of applications necessitates that the motion supplier is heavily experienced in developing and delivering powerful motor solutions that exceed all expectations. For example, the supplier must be trusted to anticipate and resolve common pitfalls, as well as to contribute design suggestions for product improvement. Ideally, the supplier should have a design and manufacturing team readily available for customer collaboration at all stages of the project.
- My Mini Motor Provider has a Strong Global Footprint. Make sure your motor provider isn’t limited to one physical location, but rather has facilities and colleagues all over the world! This is especially important when considering the supply chain, as well as the existence of dedicated research and development centers and manufacturing facilities.
- My Mini Motor Provider Focuses on Customization Capabilities. Customers require unique miniature motors, and the supplier’s focus must be on providing an ideal tailored solution – not engaging in a one-size-fits-all approach. Psst – this is our area of specialty! In fact, did you know that 80% of Portescap’s projects are custom engineered?

With over seventy years of expertise in the motion control industry, Portescap stands ready to assist with customizing and solving any miniature motion need across a wide spectrum of medical and industrial markets. No matter the technology, no matter the application or device – we can develop your motor solution. Engage our engineers here!