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Meet Portescap’s Newest Flat Motors

January 12, 2023

Flat architecture. High power density. Exceptional performance. What do these three traits have in common? Easy - they’re hallmarks of Portescap’s newest expansions to its slotted and slotless flat motors, the 90ECF, 20ECF, 32ECF, and 26BF-2A nuvoDisc!

The 20ECF, 32ECF, and 90ECF Brushless Slotted Flat Motors

In 2022, we greatly expanded our product portfolio by introducing the brushless slotted flat motors, newest technology to join the lineup. The 90ECF, 20ECF, and 32ECF offer speeds up to 10,000 rpm, diameters as small as 20mm and as large as 90mm, as well as a lower cost of ownership and extensive customizability that will meet and surpass your needs. Their compact design and flat architecture make them the perfect choice for applications where power-packed performance is a necessity and where space comes at a premium.

90ECF - The 90ECF is the largest flat motor in Portescap’s portfolio! Featuring a performance-optimized design that delivers excellent power density and smooth output torque in a compact package, this makes it well-suited for a variety of robotics and automation applications, including drones, exoskeletons, and wheel drives.
20ECF - The 20ECF features a flat and open architectural design with a notably smaller outer rotor facilitating application miniaturization, making it well-suited for surgical and service robotics, lab automation, LiDAR, and pumps.
32ECF - The 32ECF is the perfect choice for applications where power-packed performance is a necessity and where space comes at a premium, such as infusion systems, medical analyzers, lab automation, and diagnostic analyzers.

The 26BF-2A nuvoDisc Brushless Slotless Flat Motor

Heard of nuvoDisc™? Launched back in 2007, this platform of high-speed BLDC slotless motors significantly reduces vibration and eliminates cogging to provide smoother operation and better accuracy for maintaining a stable speed compared with conventional miniature flat motors.

The new 26BF-2A flat motor takes this innovation and expands it, offering excellent dynamic motion and speed-torque performances within a 26mm diameter. Integrated electronics ensure that the motor is a plug-and-play solution, while its larger front ball bearing assembly helps it withstand higher axial and radial loads.

Whether your application demands a higher load carrying capacity without a drop in speed or requires more power per dollar, our flat motors offer a variety of customization capabilities to meet – and exceed – your needs. Get in touch with us here to discuss!