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Miniature Motion Technologies Help Improve Heart Health

February 9, 2023

Did you know that cardiovascular disease kills over 17 million people annually? This makes cardiovascular issues, or problems related to the heart and blood vessels, the leading cause of death globally. The shocking nature of this statistic highlights the importance of not only raising awareness for illnesses related to the cardiovascular system, but in prioritizing your own cardiovascular health!

In honor of February being National Heart Health Month, we’re covering how miniature motion technologies work to treat difficult heart conditions. Let’s explore three of these tools and their associated miniature motors below:

Atherectomy Devices.Narrowed arteries that restrict blood flow to your limbs are a symptom of peripheral arterial disease, a circulatory issue. This disease is problematic, as maintaining appropriate blood flow is essential; in fact, a blood flow blockage can result in pain, limb loss, and even death. This is frequently brought on by an accumulation of fatty deposits on the walls of your arteries, which must be decreased or eliminated by surgery to ensure appropriate blood flow.

Atherectomy devices are utilized in this surgery and are powered by brushless DC motors that deliver the unparalleled speed and power density required by this procedure. Other perks of this critical motor technology include low noise and vibration, which are priorities during sensitive surgeries, as well as high reliability that helps to eliminate patient complications.

Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices.Acute or advanced heart failure can temporarily stop the heart from pumping, which can impact the heart's ability to resume its normal flow once restarted. This is where mechanical circulatory support devices enter the picture! These mechanical pumps are critical in helping the heart to pump blood through weakened heart chambers and rely on highly-precise brushless DC motors to follow the heart’s cardiac rhythm. Other qualifications provided by these BLDC solutions include low noise and vibration for patient and surgeon comfort, as well as high levels of efficiency to ensure low heating.
Thrombolysis Treatment Devices.. As their name would suggest, blood clots block the blood that normally flows freely through blood vessels; this can not only result in damage to surrounding areas but in extreme cases – even death. Thrombolysis treatment devices are common tools utilized to remove the clots, with coreless brush DC motors playing a critical role in powering these tools. Not only do DC motors provide the higher speed and torque capability and wider speed range coverage necessary, but also deliver the competitive price-to-performance ratio required to meet the needs of thrombectomy devices.

Portescap is proud to play an important role in developing the motion technologies essential to improving the overall heart health of those suffering from heart-related diseases. If you’re searching for a new motor solution for your cardiac and vascular device, reach out to us directly here – we can’t wait to help.