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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo - Mini Motors Style

May 5, 2023

Aerospace & Defense

  1. Portescap has been providing products for Aerospace & Defense applications for over 40+ years.
  2. The breadth of our product portfolio makes us a perfect fit for applications inside the cabin, in harsh environments beyond the cabin, and in smart defense.
  3. Lightweight and efficient DC motors are an ideal fit for window shade and seat actuation applications that require smooth and quiet motion.
  4. Customizable Ultra EC BLDC motors can be designed to fit a variety of next-generation devices, as well as meet the harsh requirements of operation beyond the cabin.
  5. Robust slotted BLDC motors are well-suited for today’s challenging missile fin control actuation systems.


  1. Devices that remove plaque from your arteries must operate at high speeds to facilitate an efficient procedure, making Ultra EC BLDC motors the right motor selection.
  2. Mechanical circulatory support devices assist the heart in circulating blood throughout the body. Slotless brushless DC motors, with their low inertia, provide the responsiveness demanded for this application.
  3. DC coreless motors provide high torque output over a broad speed range, making them ideal for thrombectomy devices.
  4. Reducing patient complications from a cardiac or revascularization procedure is paramount for the medical professional; make sure you’re relying on a professional miniature motor supplier that has extensive experience in designing medical solutions.
  5. Device ergonomics are important when designing devices for revascularization. Our brushless DC motors, with various diameters, lengths, and capabilities, give developers options for an optimized design.

Infusion Systems

  1. Battery-powered infusion systems prioritize efficiency for their motor solution, making DC Coreless motors an ideal selection.
  2. Drug advancements by pharmaceutical companies are making patients’ lives better. Delivering these drugs properly is critical, depending on our drive mechanism solutions for proper operation.
  3. Did you know multiple technologies can be a solution for an infusion device? Connect with one of our engineers to determine the optimum solution for your needs.
  4. Duty cycle for a motor is the ratio of the run time to the full cycle time, which influences the motor lifetime requirement for the pump. We can assist in your pump cycle evaluation!
  5. Spur gearheads produce lower audible noise than planetary gearheads, based on fewer contact points during rotation, making them well-suited for pump applications where noise is a critical parameter.

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