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Exploring Power Density in Micro DC Motors for Surgical Tools

May 11, 2023

Surgery is intimidating enough without worrying about the dependability of the surgical tools being used in the procedure! With the ever-increasing need for precision and miniaturization in surgical tools and medical devices, power density is a critical consideration when selecting miniature DC motors for these applications. We explore why below.

The Benefits of Using High Power Density Motors in Surgical Tool Applications

Power density refers to the amount of power produced by a motor within a given volume, which means that a motor with high power density will produce more power in less space. High power density motors have numerous advantages in medical applications. Examples include:

  • Compact & Lightweight Envelope. In addition to reduced volume, power dense motors are lighter and smaller than their counterparts. This is a particular advantage for surgeons who employ surgical tools powered by micro DC motors, in that they help to reduce fatigue during long surgical procedures.
  • Lower Temperature. Motors with high power density run cooler due to improved efficiency. Medical devices that operate in tight spaces, such as those encountered in minimally evasive surgery, can take advantage of cooler running motors to prevent heat buildup during surgery.
  • Decreased Noise Levels. Micro DC motors are quieter than traditional motors, which allows them to be used in noise-sensitive environments (such as operating rooms) without disturbing nearby patients or staff members.

Please contact Portescap’s application engineering team to discuss customized motor options optimized for surgical hand tools.