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Portescap Takes the Paris Air Show

June 29, 2023

The Paris Air Show has long been considered a premier event for the aviation industry, attracting key players from around the globe. This international tradeshow not only proved to be an excellent platform for showcasing our cutting-edge miniature motion solutions, but also provided us with a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders and witness the future of aviation! Time to dive into a few highlights from the show.

  • Motors, Motors Everywhere. Two products spotlighted during the Paris Air Show were the 22ECT Ultra EC brushless DC slotless motor and the 20ECF brushless DC slotted flat motor. The 22ECT provides ultra-high torque in a compact package, making it an excellent fit for the robust torque requirements of fin control actuation systems, while the 20ECF (a member of our flat motors portfolio) delivers the compact architecture, high power density, and smooth output torque required by this application. Thanks to our partners at MotionWise, attendees were able to see these motors in action as they powered fin actuation control demos. Gain a better understanding of how these systems employ miniature motors by watching Julian Del Campo, Portescap’s Business Development Manager for Aerospace and Defense, as he explains live at the show:



    • Brand Synergies. We were thrilled to have experts from Kollmorgen, who has 100+ years of motion experience in the aerospace industry’s highest-performing and most reliable motors, drives, and linear actuators, join us in the Portescap booth! Sister brand Rexnord Aerospace also exhibited at the show, showcasing their expertise and solutions for aerospace applications. This joint showcase underscores the strong partnership and synergies between these brands, highlighting the full capabilities of the Regal Rexnord family.
    • Aviation Innovation. The show provided a variety of opportunities to network and experience the latest advancements in aviation technology! Perhaps the biggest highlight for the team was checking out Midnight, the newest eVotl from Archer! They also had the opportunity to meet the French Aerobatic Fly Team – a precision match made in heaven.

    Portescap Team in front of Midnight eVotl  Portescap team with French Aerobatics Fly Team

    Attending the Paris Air Show was an extraordinary experience that combined business, innovation, and adventure! If you're in the aviation industry, be sure to mark your calendars for the next show and get ready for an unforgettable experience. We’ll see you there!