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2023 – A Year in Review

December 20, 2023

We’re bidding farewell to 2023! As we head into 2024, let’s reflect on the top moments and events that have defined the past 12 months:

A Critical Focus on Aerospace & Defense

We focused heavily on expanding our capabilities for the Aerospace and Defense sector in 2023, with the synergy between engineers, sales, and business development teams being critical to this success. By designing solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the industry, engaging with clients to understand their specific needs, and strategic efforts to foster key partnerships and drive innovation, we’ve successfully established Portescap as a leader in micro-motion solutions for the A&D market. Two critical milestones we achieved during the year include obtaining AS9100 certification, demonstrating our commitment to aerospace manufacturing excellence; and expanding our design capabilities to include DO-160G requirements, meaning that we are fully equipped to customize our motion solutions to meet these stringent aviation standards.

Expanding the Portescap Product Portfolio

We’re giving our customers what they need, one new product at a time! Portescap launched 15 new products in 2023, with these newest motion solutions not only filling market gaps, but also strengthening our existing portfolio. Highlights include:

  • M-Sense12A Autoclavable Encoder. The M-Sense12A magnetic encoder is the first autoclavable encoder to join Portescap’s product portfolio. Optimized specifically for surgical robotic applications, the M-Sense12A has been designed to survive 2,000+ sterilization cycles and is fully compatible with Portescap’s existing surgical motor portfolio. This encoder can provide incremental and absolute feedback and features a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines, as well as accuracy up to 1.5 degrees. It is also able to work accurately at high input speeds, with a maximum input speed of 120 kRPM at 1024 lines/rev in incremental mode.
  • 16ECP24 Brushless DC Slotless Motor. This motor delivers 4.1 mNm of continuous torque and 7W of continuous power while being compatible with our R16 gearbox and M-Sense encoders; this makes it ideal for applications requiring additional torque at lower speeds.
  • 40ECP55 Brushless DC Slotless Motor. Delivering high speeds at low voltage and featuring excellent peak torque, the 40ECP55 is our first motor that features an integrated fan for active cooling. It’s also compatible with the R32 gearhead and the M-Sense encoder, allowing for higher torque at lower speeds and more accurate positioning.
  • 45ECF and 60ECF BLDC Slotted Flat Motors. We’re continuing to expand our flat motor portfolio with two new available diameters: the 45mm and the 60mm. Both of these options feature an outer rotor configuration and deliver improved heat management in a compact package, making them ideal solutions for applications ranging from Aerospace & Defense to Surgical Robotics.

Pro tip: more than 80% of our projects are customized, so no matter the solution you’re seeking, rest assured that we can tailor it to your unique requirements and specifications.

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Joining the Regal Rexnord Team

Portescap officially became part of the Regal Rexnord team in late March, and what a transformation it’s been! By uniting the capabilities of the legacy Altra Industrial Motion brands with the powerhouse that is Regal Rexnord, our teams are now uniquely positioned to provide improved services and solutions across the power transmission, automation, and powertrain industries. Even cooler? Portescap, given our long-standing history and expertise in the world of micro-motion, is helping pave the way forward for serving more markets and applications than ever before.

We look forward to continuing to create a better tomorrow by energy-efficiently converting power into motion. Get all the details on the acquisition here.

Taking on Tradeshows

️ Anaheim → New Delhi → Shanghai → Paris → Mumbai → Minneapolis → Rosemont → Nuremberg

Tradeshows continued to take us across the globe in 2023! From joining forces with fellow Regal Rexnord brands at the Paris Air Show and SPS, showcasing our frameless motor capabilities at MD&M Minneapolis, and dropping some serious gripper knowledge at The Assembly Show, we’re incredibly proud of the way that our teams represented Portescap. Catch up on our 2023 tradeshows below:

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