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CAD Capabilities of Portescap

December 7, 2023

Most companies involved in the design and manufacturing of machinery use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to leverage faster product development cycles, simplify change management, and provide quality deliverables, which can be used by each department involved in the new product development cycle.

To assist machine designers, the Portescap website provides 2D and 3D models (.dxf and .stp files) of our standard products that customers can easily access to check the fitment of motors, gearheads, and encoders in their applications. Portescap also provides 3D models of customized motors and composite solutions that incorporate any required changes in shaft, housing, and flanges.


Figure 1: Outer Rotor Motor, Digital Linear Actuator, Gearbox, and BLDC Motor Models

Portescap employs various CAD software to develop new motor concepts in parallel with the initial stages of the product development cycle. Parametric 3D models, where all component, sub-assembly and assembly drawings are interlinked, help to maintain the legacy data of old products and to facilitate the development of new products with the use of old references and data. This allows quick product validation to accelerate product development and reduce time to market and increases the ability to adapt and respond to real-time customer needs to solve critical motion solution challenges that can save, enhance, and improve lives.

Another element of CAD used by Portescap is the 3D tolerance stack up analysis tool that eliminates manual calculations and graphically illustrates tolerance analysis results, which makes it easier to identify design constraints. Additionally, CAD Kinematic motion simulation provides visual representation of products and mechanisms. 3D models are also used for next level performance optimization and analysis such as structural, thermal, electromagnetic, and gear analysis to optimize designs. 3D models can also be used to 3D print components for rapid prototyping.


 Figure 2: Electromagnetic, Structural, Thermal, and Gear Models

CAD systems allow Portescap to better communicate with our strong global supplier base to enhance collaboration, while a secured data management system protects intellectual property with automated version and revision control systems. With CAD capabilities, the Portescap team is well equipped to support our existing and new customers with added value in their product development cycles. Reach out to Portescap here to start collaborating!