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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2023

December 29, 2023

And that’s a wrap on 2023! With the close of the year upon us, let’s take a look back at our top 5 most popular blog posts of this year:

#1: How Torque, Radial, and Axial Loads Affect Your Motor Selection

Motor selection involves balancing many considerations, such as the application’s required voltage, maximum current and diameter, speed and efficiency. That’s because different types of loads will have a significant impact on the required motor design, as well as on its lifetime and reliability. Selecting the most appropriate motor for your application requires attention to the fundamentals of torque, radial and axial loads. Here are some tips and best practices for addressing these loads.

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#2: Harnessing Coreless Brush DC Motors for Efficient Blood Clot Removal

Proper blood flow is essential for good health, so when that blood flow is slowed or blocked by a blood clot, it’s not only hazardous – it’s potentially fatal. The clot must be removed quickly to restore proper blood flow in the patient; this is usually completed through thrombolysis treatment, a common yet vital procedure used to dissolve blood clots. In this blog post, we will explore what thrombolysis is, discuss thrombolysis treatment devices, delve into their functioning, and highlight the role of miniature motors, specifically coreless brush DC motors, in these devices.

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#3: Mini BLDC Motors for Flight Control Systems

Though small in size, brushless DC mini motors serve a variety of critical roles in today’s commercial and military aircraft. From delivering active force feedback to the pilot, thus reducing pilot workload and strain, to providing key inputs on controls inside the cockpit, motion solutions deliver the power and reliability behind flight control systems. We explore how these systems rely on brushless DC motors below.

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#4: Miniature Motors Advance Robotic Surgeries

Surgical robotics is a rapidly advancing field that is revolutionizing the way surgeries are performed. Robotics offers many advantages over traditional surgical methods, such as enhanced precision, flexibility, and capability. As the application of surgical robotic systems expands and evolves, custom motors optimized to the exact requirements of the system become more critical.

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#5: Why You Need to Engage Your Miniature Motor Supplier Early in Device Development

When it comes to developing a successful device, the role of miniature motors cannot be underestimated. These small yet powerful components are the backbone of many devices, from surgical robotics to missile fin actuation to industrial power tools, enabling them to perform exactly as they should. By involving miniature motor suppliers early in the device development process, you ensure that your application is fully optimized and meets – or exceeds – all criteria and requirements. Here are five key reasons why this early collaboration is essential.

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