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ETO Sterilization for Disposable Medical Devices

March 28, 2024

Ethylene oxide (ETO) serves as a pivotal low-temperature gaseous sterilization method extensively utilized in the medical industry, particularly for single-use devices. Employing a vacuum-based process, ETO sterilization efficiently penetrates and cleans the surfaces of various medical devices, with its lower temperature making it a suitable process for a wide array of materials. A few additional benefits of utilizing ETO sterilization include:

  • Versatility and Compatibility. One of the key advantages of ETO sterilization lies in its ability to accommodate a diverse range of materials. By avoiding exposure to excessive heat, moisture, or radiation, ETO ensures the safe sterilization across a wide variety of materials.
  • Packaging Convenience. ETO sterilization offers the added advantage of enabling sterilization within the final packaging of medical products. The gas can effectively permeate sealed films and cartons used for packaging, ensuring thorough sterilization without compromising the integrity of the packaging.

For single-use cardiovascular devices, ETO sterilization stands as a prevalent practice due to its efficacy and material compatibility. Motors housed within these devices, which are mainly brushless DC motors but might also be brush DC coreless motors, must withstand the sterilization cycle to ensure device functionality.

  • Motor Durability and Reliability. Portescap's Ultra ECTM brushless DC motors and AthlonixTM DC coreless motors have demonstrated exceptional resilience to ETO sterilization cycles. Their robust design and construction enable them to endure the sterilization process while maintaining required performance, ensuring reliable operation within cardiovascular devices.

Employing motors engineered to withstand ETO sterilization cycles is crucial for cardiovascular device development. If you're embarking on cardiovascular device development, reach out to Portescap here to explore micro motion solutions tailored to your specific requirements.