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Portescap eStore Bundles Deliver High Torque in Compact Packages

March 21, 2024

Motion control is all about efficiency and reliability. Portescap has a deep understanding of this and focuses on offering practical micro motion solutions to meet various application needs. One such solution is the product bundles found on our eStore – a combination of motors and essential accessories to simplify the prototyping process.

What Are Portescap eStore Bundles?

Portescap eStore bundles are carefully chosen combinations of motors, gearheads, and encoders. These assemblies can take a few different forms: a motor + gearhead, motor +encoder, or motor + gearhead + encoder. These bundles are designed for easy setup, saving design engineers the trouble of figuring out which components to pair and ensuring optimal performance from the get-go.

Understanding Gearheads and Encoders

Gearheads are vital in motion control systems, adjusting motor speed and torque output. They allow for higher torque without needing larger motors, which is crucial for compact designs. Encoders provide feedback on rotor position, ensuring precise control, particularly in applications requiring accurate positioning or maintaining a steady, low-speed motion.

Mechanical Compatibility and Assembly

While bundling motors and accessories seems straightforward, achieving mechanical compatibility can be tricky. Depending on the combination, assembly may require adjustments like different shaft lengths or adapters. At Portescap, our bundles are sold and shipped already assembled; they are also tested post-assembly. This ensures product performance, thereby ensuring reliable operation during prototyping, as well as delivering a plug-and-play solution directly into our customer’s hands. 

Ease of Access and Compatibility

Finding compatible bundles shouldn't be a headache. That's why we've made it easy for customers to find a bundle on the eStore! By selecting a motor and exploring available accessories, customers can tailor their setup to their needs and project specifications. Here’s how it works:

  • Start by looking at the motor.
  • On the product detail page, scroll down and look for available gearheads and encoders.
  • If a bundle is available, the price and lead time will update automatically.
  • Make sure you also check out the different windings of the same motor, as the accessory compatibility may change.


In a world where efficiency and precision are paramount, Portescap eStore bundles offer a practical solution. By combining motors with essential accessories, we help users achieve peak performance in their motion control applications. With Portescap, motion control just got simpler – one bundle at a time.