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Revolutionizing Ambulatory Infusion Pumps: The Power and Precision of DC Coreless Motors

July 3, 2024

Infusion systems are responsible for delivering the required drug or nutrition both accurately and reliably, making these systems a critical aspect of patient care. The motion solution plays a key role in this drug delivery, whether a fraction of a milliliter, a large dose, or done in a hospital or in-home setting. With different motor technologies available, it is important to select the one most suited for the requirements of each device. In this blog series, we review the primary applications and the ideal motor technology options for each.

Revolutionizing Ambulatory Infusion Pumps: The Power and Precision of DC Coreless Motors

Caregivers and patients are increasingly relying on the convenience of ambulatory infusion pumps to administer crucial drug therapies in the comfort of the patient's home or on the go, a shift from traditional hospital care that enhances patient comfort and helps mitigate the expenses associated with in-hospital care. In this article, we explore the characteristics and roles that brushless DC (BLDC) and DC coreless technologies play in ambulatory infusion pumps, with a specific focus on Portescap's 16mm DC coreless motors.

Six Motion Solution Considerations for Ambulatory Infusion Pump Design

A critical component of home infusion pumps is the micro-motor technology that drives their operation. Here are six key considerations that design engineers must account for when specifying the pump’s micro-motion solution:

  1. Compact and Cost-Effective Design. Ambulatory infusion pumps demand a delicate balance between size, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use, often without the aid of a medical professional.
  2. Optimized Power Consumption. Operating on battery power, ambulatory infusion pumps must optimize power consumption to maximize usage between charges.
  3. Versatile Motion Solutions. Ambulatory infusion pumps face diverse demands in terms of drug types and therapies, necessitating a versatile motion solution for torque and speed output.
  4. Enhanced Patient Mobility. Size and weight are pivotal considerations for ambulatory infusion pumps, directly impacting patient mobility. This ensures that patients can move freely while receiving the required drug therapy, both inside and outside their homes.
  5. Patient Comfort and Discretion. This feature enhances the overall patient experience, ensuring quiet and unobtrusive operation. Such considerations play a vital role in promoting patient adherence to therapy regimens.
  6. Precision Delivery Control. Ensuring the accuracy of drug administration is vital to desired patient outcomes, contributing to the overall effectiveness of ambulatory infusion pumps.

16mm Brush DC Coreless Motors Power Home Infusion Pumps

Brushless DC (BLDC) and DC coreless technologies are ideal solutions for these pumps, as the ironless rotor construction of these motors ensures high efficiency during operation. These devices must also handle a range of drugs and therapies, creating different demands on the motion solution for torque and speed output. Portescap's 16mm DC coreless motors are especially well-suited for this application, as they strike the right balance between compact pump designs that can easily handle the flow rates of home setting infusions while ensuring prolonged battery life – all without compromising on the pump's performance. Winding options allow the motor performance to be matched to the available voltage from the battery. Low-noise gearheads are available for patient comfort and discretion, and feedback solutions allow for cost-effective but precise delivery control.

Designing compact, efficient, and patient-friendly ambulatory infusion pumps is no easy task. For those looking to enhance their ambulatory infusion pump design, Portescap's 16 mm DC Coreless motors are an ideal motion solution. Get in touch with Portescap’s engineers today to start collaborating!