New Portescap 20DBM high power density stepper linear actuator provides exceptional performance and is available in both captive and non-captive versions

Portescap introduces the next generation of high power density Can Stack Linear Actuators, the 20DBM. Ideal for applications demanding high linear force, these 20 mm linear stepper motors offer an optimized design. The new 20DBM features an optimized magnetic circuit which provides improved performance over existing designs.

The 7.5 deg step angle provides finer incremental movement with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. With maximum holding force up to 50N, the 20DBM actuators are ideally suited for use in applications such as electronic pipettes, medical and non-medical analyzers, XY stages and valve actuators.

Our fully customizable 20DBM actuators are powered by high energy neodymium magnets, optimized electromagnetic circuit and proprietary pending bearing preload design which ensures exceptional performance in a small package. Component standardization and design modularity ensures quick customization capability for samples across various applications. Standard configurations can be delivered with maximum one week lead-time.

20DBM is available in Captive and Non-Captive versions with various leadscrew pitch options on our online motor selection tool, MotionCompass™. They are manufactured in an ISO certified facility and are RoHS compliant.