20ECF Brushless Slotted Flat Motor is the Newest Addition to Portescap’s Brushless Motor Portfolio

Portescap, a leading global manufacturer of miniature and specialty motors, is pleased to announce the release of the 20ECF brushless slotted flat motor, which is the latest motor to join the flat motor platform. The 20ECF is characterized by a flat architecture, as well as a compact package size that is a hallmark of Portescap’s existing brushless motor portfolio.

The motor's 19mm rotor diameter is notably smaller than the 20mm diameter of competitive solutions. Its open architectural design ensures lower heating, and at fifteen grams, the 20ECF provides a mass savings of at least thirty percent when compared to other motion solutions. The motor’s design optimization also helps it achieve a fifty-percent improved motor regulation factor relative to standard available solutions.

This 20ECF is an ideal choice for those looking for premium motor performance in an increasingly small package size. A variety of medical and industrial applications can realize the benefits of this motor, with it being particularly well-suited for surgical and service robotics, lab automation, premium tattoo machines, electric grippers, LiDar, and pumps.