Portescap Expands Brushless Motor Portfolio with New 32mm Brushless Slotted Flat Motor

Portescap, a leading expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions, recently unveiled the 32ECF brushless slotted flat motor, the latest addition to their motor portfolio. This new motor has a diameter of 32mm and an overall body length of 17.6mm. With a 4-pole design and high-power density in a flat architecture, the 32mm motor utilizes an outer rotor configuration with an air gap between the coil and magnetic structure that is managed radially.

The motor’s electromagnetic circuit has been optimized for higher performance, with a forty-five percent optimization of the motor regulation factor (R/K^2) as compared to standard available options. The motor also delivers a maximum continuous power of 32W at 10,000 rpm within a 32mm flat form factor, which is nineteen percent higher than many comparative solutions. As with any Portescap motor, options for customization abound.

The new 32ECF is an excellent choice for those working on next-generation projects, new programs, or future device iterations. The motor is best suited for applications that require a motion solution driven by performance but constrained by space, such as electric grippers, lab automation, infusion systems, service robots, and LiDar (Light Detection and Ranging).

For more information, please visit www.portescap.com.