R32HT Gearhead Delivers High Torque for Challenging Performance Requirements

Portescap, a global provider of motion control solutions, is excited to add the new R32HT gearhead to its portfolio of miniature motor accessories. This full metallic high torque gearhead designed with a planetary arrangement has an outer diameter of 32mm and can be mounted onto Portescap’s 35GLT range of brush DC motors, which is one of the largest and most powerful in its brush DC motor portfolio.

The R32HT can deliver maximum continuous torque up to 9Nm, making it a perfect option for those seeking a higher torque option between Portescap’s existing R32 and R40 gearheads. The R32HT provides improved reliability and higher efficiency at targeted torque levels, ensuring high-precision performance at a competitive price point. This gearbox can also be customized based on specific application needs.

This high torque gearhead is well-suited for applications requiring very high torque in a relatively small package; its new bearing system also makes it ideal for applications that have higher radial loads. Examples include service robotics, electric grippers, missile fin actuation, and powered hand tools, including nut runners, screwdrivers, and pruning shears, within the Robotics, Aerospace & Defense, and Industrial Power Tools industries.