Portescap’s New R22T Gearhead Minimizes Heat and Enhances Efficiency in Applications Requiring Medium Torque Output

Portescap is excited to introduce the new R22T gearhead, the latest addition to its existing 22mm gearbox portfolio. As a mid-torque gearhead, the R22T fills the gap between our light-torque R22 and high-torque R22HT gearheads. It is also fully compatible with Portescap’s brush DC and brushless DC slotless motors.

This gearbox features a 22mm diameter, a full metal design, and delivers continuous torque up to 1.5Nm. The standout feature of the R22T is its lower heat generation, staying an average of 20% cooler at desired working points than competitive solutions. This results in improved energy utilization, decreased energy wastage, and an extended lifespan.

The R22T is an excellent choice for applications that require mid-range performance in a powerful, compact package, such as those in Robotics, Industrial Power Tools, and Aerospace and Defense. Specific examples include Control Actuation Systems (CAS), window shade actuation, grippers, pruning shears, and powered screwdrivers.