M-Sense12A Autoclavable Encoder Sets New Standards for Surgical Precision

Portescap announces the release of the M-Sense12A, the first autoclavable encoder to join its product lineup and a noteworthy expansion of its surgical solutions capabilities. This encoder has been optimized specifically for surgical robotic applications and can survive up to 2,000+ sterilization cycles, with its autoclavable design allowing it to be used within surgical devices requiring precise positioning of the motor’s rotor. It is compatible with Portescap’s existing portfolio of surgical motors.

The M-Sense12A magnetic encoder provides a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines and accuracy up to 1.5 degrees, making it an ideal choice for demanding surgical applications requiring accurate positioning and closed-loop motion feedback. This encoder is also able to work accurately at high input speeds, with a maximum input speed of 120 kRPM at 1024 lines/rev in incremental mode. Incremental and absolute feedback options are available.

The M-Sense12A autoclavable encoder addresses the trend of robotization in surgical procedures, as well as the shift towards “smart” surgical hand tools. Whether utilized in surgical robotics or surgical hand tools, this encoder is the ideal solution for applications demanding feedback systems that can be autoclaved alongside the tool itself. Examples include surgical robot arms and powered surgical screwdrivers.