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Sterilizable Motor Controller (CNT1530)

CNT1530 Autoclavable Motor Controller


Portescap’s CNT1530 sterilizable motor controller is designed to drive battery powered surgical hand tools, allowing for simplified system integration that increases customer speed to market. The design utilizes Portescap's validated autoclavable technology platform: electronics and software are encapsulated in a single enclosure which can be located in line with our motor or in the pistol grip of a hand tool.

Product Highlights

  • Magnetic control of speed and direction
  • Compatible with typical NiMH & LiOn battery voltages
  • Designed and tested to 1,000+ sterilization cycles
  • In-handle form factor for easy tool integration
  • 75 A current limiting capability for protection
  • 20 A continuous current allows for use with Portescap BLDC surgical motors
Part Number CNT1530
Control Method Open loop speed control
Housing Material Aluminium
Weight (g) 70
Weight (oz) 2.5
Autoclave Cycles 1000
Continuous Input Power, Max (W) 300
Current Limit (A DC) >75 A DC for <10 ms
Dimensions (mm) 22.8 x 83.5 x 16.6
Dimensions (in) 0.90 x 3.29 x 0.66
Nominal Voltage, Max (V) 15
Nominal Voltage, Min (V) 9
Feedback Type Sensored
Hall Sensor Lead AWG 26
Hall Sensors H1, H2, H3
Magnetic Triggers Direction (FD/REV), Speed (0-100% PWM)
Phase Leads A,B,C
Power Input BATT+, BATT-
Power Lead AWG 18
Recommended Direction Magnet Dimensions (in) 0.125 x 0.125
Recommended Direction Magnet Dimensions (mm) 3.18 x 3.18
Recommended Direction Magnet Grade SmCo 1:5
Recommended Speed Magnet Dimensions (in) 0.188 x 0.060
Recommended Speed Magnet Dimensions (mm) 4.76 x 1.52
Recommended Speed Magnet Grade SmCo 1:5
Standby Current (mA DC) 40
Storage Temperature, Max (°C) 150
Storage Temperature, Max (°F) 302
Switching Waveform Trapezoidal
Wire Insulation Material PTFE