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MIBL 0520

MIBL 0520 Motor Controller

MIBL 0520

The MIBL 0520 is a compact power controller intended for the control of electronically commutated (brushless) motors. This controller features the capability to control motors from ten watts to several hundred watts in the 4 quadrants, with positioning and phase switching ensured by hall effect sensors. The MIBL 0520 controller is highly adaptive to your needs, with a configuration capacity accessible by a software suite. It is perfectly suited to perform variable speed, positioning or torque control. Communication and fieldbus protocols are based on industrial standards: RS485,USB, and Analog control. The available software suite allows easy configuration, facilitating a straightforward implementation. Axis control is completed by analog command or digital bus for more control in Voltage (V), Torque (I) or Speed.

Product Highlights

  • Voltage, torque, speed control
  • Optimized current management
  • Communication and configuration by RS485 or USB
  • Simplified analog and digital control
  • Motor and system settings
  • Control registers
Part Number MIBL 0520
Housing Material Metal
Weight (g) 210
Weight (oz) 7.41
Continuous Input Power, Max (W) 720
Current Limit (A DC) 20
Nominal Voltage, Max (V) 48
Nominal Voltage, Min (V) 20
Feedback Type Sensored
Document Document Type Language File Type
specifications_MIBL.pdf Specification Page application/pdf
brochure_MIBL_user_manual.pdf Brochure application/pdf
software_MIBL0520.zip Software application/x-zip-compressed