D12 Integrated Magnetic Encoder

D12 Magnetic Encoder


The D12 magnetic encoder allows position monitoring without compromising on package size.

Product Highlights

  • Integrative design
  • Insensitive to hostile environments
  • Low current consumption
  • Hall sensors position monitoring

Customization Available

  • Cable or terminal outputs

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Part Number D12
Encoder Type Integrated Magnetic
Number of Lines Available (LPR) 12
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +85
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°F) -4 to +185
Code Wheel Moment of Inertia (10ˉ⁷ x kgm²) 0.1
Count Frequency, Max (kHz) 10
Electrical Phase Shift (degree) 90 ± 40
Length (mm) 15.2
Fall Time (ns) 50
Feedback Type Encoder
Output Signal Two channels square wave
Rise Time (ns) 125
Signal Ratio (%) 50 ± 25
Supply Current, Typical (mA) 4
Supply Voltage (V) 5
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D12 Specification Page Specification Page
D12 drawing 2D Drawing
D12 3D drawing 3D Drawing