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M-Sense12A Autoclavable Encoder


The M-Sense12A autoclavable magnetic encoder features the latest in chip technology, providing a high degree of accuracy ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning and closed loop motion feedback in harsh environments. This magnetic encoder can sustain more than 2,000x autoclave cycles. The M-Sense12A is available with a wide resolution range up to 1024 lines and includes an integrated line driver option. The M-Sense12A autoclavable encoder is also capable of providing incremental and absolute feedback. This encoder is compatible with Portescap's SMS (surgical motion solutions brushless motors). Perfectly suited for surgical robotics and surgical hand tool applications, this encoder provides feedback signal so you can know the precise position of the rotor.

Product Highlights

  • Capable of withstanding >2,000x autoclave cycles
  • Accuracy up to 1.5 degrees
  • Any resolution up to 1024
  • Incremental and absolute feedback available
  • Integrated RS422 line driver option

Customization Available

  • Cable or terminal outputs
  • Encoder capabilities: Magnetic, Absolute Digital, Sine/Cosine options
  • Wiring - connectors, lead length, shrink tubing


Part Number M-Sense12Ai M-Sense12Aa
Encoder Type Integrated Magnetic Integrated Magnetic
Number of Lines Available (LPR) 1-1024 1-1024
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 / 125 -40 / 125
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°F) -40 / 257 -40 / 257
Weight (g) 8 8
Weight (oz) 0.28 0.28
Cable Type 10x AWG28 6x AWG28
Code Wheel Moment of Inertia (10ˉ⁷ x kgm²) 0.4 0.04
Count Frequency, Max (kHz) 4000 4000
Duty Cycle (%) 50 -
Electrical Phase Shift (degree) 90 -
INL (Integral Non Linearity), Max (degree) 1.5 1.5
Line Driver Parameters 4mA / 10MHz 4mA / 10MHz
Fall Time (ns) 60 60
Feedback Type Incremental or Absolute Incremental or Absolute
Output Frequency (MHz) 4 4
Output Signal push-pull push-pull
Rise/Fall Time (CL=50pF), Max (ns) 60 60
Rise Time (ns) 60 60
Signal Ratio (%) N/A N/A
Speed, Max @ 1024 ppr (rpm) 100000 100000
Speed, Max @ 512 (rpm) 100000 100000
Supply Current, Max (mA) 30 30
Supply Current, Stand-by (mA) 10 10
Supply Current, Typical (mA) 23 23
Supply Voltage (V) 4.5 min, 5.5 max 4.5 min, 5.5 max
Document Document Type Language File Type
specifications_m-sense12a.pdf Specification Page application/pdf
drawing_m-sense12a.DXF 2D Drawing application/octet-stream
drawing_m-sense12a.STEP 3D Drawing application/octet-stream
pr_msense_12a_encoder_en.pdf Press Release application/pdf
brochure_msense12a_autoclavable_encoder_en.pdf Brochure application/pdf