R32HT (Ball Bearing)

R32 32mm Planetary Gearbox with Ball Bearings

R32HT Ball Bearing Mini Motor Gearhead

R32HT (Ball Bearing)

The R32HT gearbox is a full metallic high torque gearhead designed with a planetary arrangement for applications requiring very high torque in a relatively small package. The R32HT can deliver max continuous torque up to 9Nm. Due to its lower backlash feature, it is ideally suited for precision motion requirements in various applications. Along with the planetary geartrain benefits, its unique bearing system provides good strength for applications that have higher radial loads.

Product Highlights

  • Rated torque 9 Nm
  • Reduction ratio available: 99.8 (other ratios can be made available upon request)
  • High-precision performance at a competitive price point
  • Compact design
  • Customization as per application needs

Customization Available

  • Custom shafts - flats, knurling, diameter, length
  • Mechanical integration upon request (housing, front & rear flange, shaft)
  • Special lubricants

  • Reduce Design Time. Select Your Motor Online


Part Number R32HT-2R-0-99.8
Motor Diameter (in) 1.2576
Motor Diameter (mm) 32
Shaft Play - Axial (in) < 0.0004
Shaft Play - Axial (mm) < 0.01
Shaft Play - Axial (μm) < 10
Shaft Play - Radial (@10 mm from flange) (in) < 0.000393701
Shaft Play - Radial (@10 mm from flange) (μm) < 0.01
Shaft Play - Radial (in) < 0.000393701
Shaft Play - Radial (mm) < 0.01
Shaft Play - Radial (μm) < 10
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°C) `-30 to + 85
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°F) 22 to 185
Continuous Torque, Max (mNm) 9000
Continuous Torque, Max (oz-in) 1274
Weight (g) 210
Weight (oz) 7.407
Ratio 99.8
Continuous Input Power, Max (W) 65
Efficiency (%) 75
Average Backlash @ 0.3 Nm (degree) 2
Average Backlash @ no-load (degree) 1
Axial Force, Max (lbs) 33.75
Axial Force, Max (N) 150
Number of Gear Stages 3
Press Fit Force, Max (lbs) 112.5
Press Fit Force, Max (N) 500
Radial Force, Max @ 10mm from mounting face (lbs) 36
Radial Force, Max @ 10mm from mounting face (N) 160
Radial Force, Max @ 8mm from mounting face (lbs) 40.5
Radial Force, Max @ 8mm from mounting face (N) 180
Recommended Input Speed, Max (rpm) 8000
Static Torque, Max (Nm) 20
Static Torque, Max (oz-in) 2832
Direction of Rotation =
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