How to Select a Gearhead

Gearhead type

Choose "B" or "K" for spur gearhead
Choose "R" for planetary gearhead
If application is current limited – select the spur gearhead.
If application requires high torque – select a planetary gearhead.

Dynamic torque

Determine the dynamic torque (running torque) in the application to make final gearhead model selection. The dynamic torque should be equal or lower than the gearhead maximum torque rating.

Static torque

If stall torque is required – choose a gearhead that provides a torque rating above the stall torque in the application.

Maximum input speed

The maximum input speed should be considered when selecting a gearhead. Check the no-load speed of the motor to be sure it does not exceed the gearhead rating.


Number after the gearhead type designation is the diameter in mm. Motor pages will show compatible gearheads.

Execution code

0 indicates standard specifications, customer specifications will be indicated by an assigned number.

Reduction ratio

Multiple reduction ratios are available.
Select a reduction that provides a no-load speed above the required loaded speed in the application.
A quick calculation for determining no load speed of the gear motor is to divide the no-load speed by the reduction ratio.

 Gearhead Designation:
 R 22 0 190
R Gearhead type
B, K = Spur gear
R = Planetary gear
22 Diameter (mm)
 0  Execution code
 190  Reduction ratio