Autoclavable Encoder (Magnetic Angular Sensor)

A reliable, autoclavable magnetic encoder for your position control needs

Encoder Rendering

Portescap's autoclavable encoder provides accurate position feedback for demanding position or speed control applications such as robotic-assisted surgical tools or arthroscopic shavers. Output signals can be used for both control and commutation, making this product a one-step solution for all rotor sensing needs in a BLDC motor. Incremental sensing is output in A, B, Z format with the zero reference programmable. For serial communications, the absolute position can be read via a 4 wire SPI interface, with a maximum clock rate of 25MHz.


  • Designed and tested to 2,000+ sterilization cycles
  • Non-contact magnetic sensing provides reliability
  • Multiple axis sensing allows for unique geometries
  • Can sense off of rotor magnets, minimizing additional components
  • Speeds up to 60,000 RPM
  • 3.3V Supply
  • Specifications (PDF)

Customization Options

  • Hall sensor signals for 6-step commutation (U,V,W)
  • 10-Bit incremental encoder (A,B,Z) {1024 line resolution}
  • 11-Bit effective resolution absolute angle encoder {2048 line resolution}
  • Absolute position output via SPI serial interface
  • Differential output for noisy environments
  • Off-axis mounting for cannulation