About Sterilizable Gearheads

Reliable, sterilizable gearheads for your demanding surgical application

Sterilizable Gearhead

Portescap’s precision sterilizable gearheads are built for performance and reliability. Like all our products, we will work with your engineers to quickly customize a solution to meet your performance requirements. Our integrated planetary gearheads provide efficient speed reduction and torque multiplication to meet demanding surgical tool requirements. Many of our Application Specific Motors include gearheads as standard, and are optimized to achieve peak performance for specific surgical applications.


  • Precision gearheads are available for all standard Portescap surgical motors
  • A range of single- and multi-stage gearheads to meet specific speed and torque requirements
  • Designed and tested to withstand 3,000+ sterilization cycles
  • Built to withstand the high speeds and torques of Portescap’s industry leading surgical motors

Available Customization Options

  • Stage combinations to meet specific speed/torque requirements
  • Cannulation (hollow shaft)
  • Custom output geometry: cross pins, tool drivers, lead screws, concentric or eccentric output
  • Custom component materials (e.g., PEEK, carbide)
  • Dynamic shaft seals
  • Alternative lubrication / grease