Industry Leading Performance & Reliability

For 30 years Portescap has been the market leader in providing sterilizable and powerful motors for surgical tool designers

Performance to meet surgeons’ needs...

SMS Brushless Slotted Motor Exploded View Rendering

Ideal torque and speed

Our fully customizable sterilizable motors can be designed to reach torques of up to 6.5 Nm and speeds up to 100k RPM.

Proprietary encapsulation

Unparalleled protection of internal components to maximize safety, reliability, and environmental protection.

Excellent heat dissipation

Slotted motor windings have improved heat dissipation compared to most autoclavable slotless designs, and can reach higher torque density.

The precision you need

Customization to meet your demanding needs, such as autoclavable encoders for applications requiring exact speed or position control.

...and reliability to last in the field...

Industry Leading Performance
   Surgical Motor
Surgical Motor Extra Life
Surgical Motor Premium Life
 Description Value option for less demanding applications Industry defining Portescap reliability Custom products at the cutting edge of motor technology and reliability
Sterilization cycles 500+ 1,000+ 3,000+
strength / hipot
Designed to withstand 500V Customizable to withstand 1,600+V Customizable to withstand 1,600+V
Price $ $$ $$$