Surgical Motor Solutions Product Overview

Sterilizable solutions for every surgical application - from available standard prototype options to complete custom solutions

Unparalleled custom motor design capability...

Electrical Performance (e.g., speed, torque)

Mechanicals (e.g., shaft, mounts)

Specialty (e.g., integrated controls, waterproof)

Something unique - we love a challenge

Low customization available in as little as 2 weeks

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...with the life you need at the right price...

Surgical Motor
Surgical Motor Extra Life
Surgical Motor Premium Life
Description Value option for less demanding applications Industry defining Portescap reliability Custom products at the cutting edge of motor technology and reliability
Autoclave cycles 500+ 1,000+ 3,000+
strength / hipot
Designed to withstand 500V Customizable to withstand 1,600+V Customizable to withstand 1,600+V
Price $ $$ $$$