Large Bone Orthopedic Motor (B1210N1025)

B1210N1025 SMS Brushless DC Motor for Large Bone Orthopedic Hand Tools

B1210N1025 Autoclavable Slotted Brushless DC Motor

Large Bone Orthopedic Surgical Motor (B1210N1025)

This Size 12 high torque brushless DC motor serves large bone orthopedic saws and reamers. It is perfectly suited for powered handtools that run on 9.6V battery.

Product Highlights

  • High continuous torque
  • Better thermal characteristics
  • Cannulated and non-cannulated options
Part Number B1210N1025
Motor Diameter (in) 1.24
Motor Diameter (mm) 31.5
Standards Met RoHS Compliant
Axial Static Force w/o Shaft Support, Max (lbs) 27.17
Axial Static Force w/o Shaft Support, Max (N) 120.86
Back EMF Constant (V/1000 rpm) 0.566
Continuous Mechanical Power, Max (@25°C) (W) 123.4
Electrical Time Constant (ms) 0.48
Hall Sensor Electrical Phasing (electrical °) 60
Inductance - Phase to Phase (mH) 0.018
Line to Line Resistance (Ohm) 0.038
Mechanical Time Constant (ms) 1.85
Motor Constant (mNm/W½) 27.73
Motor Constant (oz-in/W½) 3.93
Motor Regulation (10³/Nms) 1298.34
No-Load Current, Typical (mA) 1267
No-Load Speed (rpm) 16800
Nominal Voltage (V) 9.6
Optimization Direction Bidirectional
Thermal Time Constant (s) 975
Torque Constant (mNm/A) 5.41
Torque Constant (oz-in/A) 0.77
Weight (g) 267
Weight (oz) 9.42
Winding Temperature, Max (°C) 155
Winding Temperature, Max (°F) 311
Ambient Temperature (°C) 155
Ambient Temperature (°F) 311
Autoclave Cycles 1000
Continuous Stall Current (A) 15.92
Continuous Stall Torque (mNm) 83.1
Continuous Stall Torque (oz-in) 11.77
Peak Torque (mNm) 1365.4
Peak Torque (oz-in) 193.4
Radial Static Force w/o Shaft Support, Max (lbs) 80.3
Radial Static Force w/o Shaft Support, Max (N) 357.1
Ratio -
Thermal Resistance (Slotted) (°C/W) 8.7
Feedback Type Hall Sensors