Small DC Gear Motors


Every application has specific requirements of speed and torque. When a load demands high torque at low speed, use of a large DC motor capable of developing the torque would not be ideal and system efficiency would be low. A better solution in such cases is to introduce a miniature dc motor with gearing, adapting the motor to the load for speed, torque or inertia. The DC motor and gearbox assembly, or high torque DC gear motor, will provide greater efficiency in an economical solution.

A miniature gear motor using spur gears offer advantages in applications with a maximum current limit, where the lowest input friction and high efficiency are essential. The broad range of Portescap spur gearboxes is well adapted to our motor lines, spanning the range of motor diameters. A combination of our spur gearheads with our brush DC coreless motors provides a single, factory-integrated solution for demanding, high torque applications. Due to its spur compound geartrain arrangement, the micro dc gear motor provides the output along the same axis as the motor. The inherent design of our brush DC gear motors results in overall better efficiency and lower noise, benefiting a wide range of applications including medical pumps, security and access and watch winders. Alternately, the main advantages of Portescap planetary small dc gear motors are their high rated torque and high reduction ratio per gear train, utilizing high-quality composite materials. Portescap’s high-speed planetary brushless dc gear motors product line was designed for use on brushless motors with iron core windings. The gearboxes tolerate input speeds in the range of 10,000 to 70,000 rpm and output speeds of several thousand rpm. This facilitates a motor-gearbox unit of small dimensions that can provide extremely high values of speed and torque.

  • Our BA16 gearhead is a hybrid technology of parallel geartrain and planetary arrangement which results in higher power density and optimized efficiency for use in small dc motors. Due to its inherent design, it can be widely used in applications requiring low noise.
  • The M22 gearbox is a modular design with a planetary arrangement for applications requiring high-to-moderate torque in a relatively smaller package. The M22 gearbox is highly suitable for applications where is there is a requirement for price-to-performance. Full metallic gearheads are designed with a planetary arrangement for applications requiring high torque in a smaller package. Due to their lower backlash feature, they are ideally suited for precision motion requirements in various applications. Along with the planetary geartrain benefits, their unique bearing system provides strength for applications having higher radial loads.
  • Our 22N78 Athlonix and R22 mini dc gear motor composite can be used to power exoskeleton applications which require high torque and precision to work under load conditions like seated position, or climbing a staircase. Similarly, our micro dc gear motor composites are used in other similar applications like biopsy systems and laboratory automation.
DC Gear Motor

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