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Motion Innovations

Athlonix 16DCP
SMART Coreless Brush DC Motors

High power density motors with speed-to-torque performance and SMART feature capabilities

  • Lower machine downtimes
  • Battery life monitoring
  • Data management through Cloud
Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator
Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator

Rotary and linear motion in one compact solution

  • Compact package
  • Reduced footprint
  • Adaptable with standard 2-axis stepper driver
Quick Response Digital Linear Actuator
Quick Response Digital Linear Actuators

New linear actuator design uses unique Disc Magnet technology for quick response times

  • Overall cycle time reduction (high output)
  • Quick start/stop actions in linear actuation
Athlonix 16DCP
High Speed Coreless Brush DC Motors

Brush DC miniature motors that can reach speeds up to 40k rpm

  • Low inertia (Quick Start/Stop)
  • Cost optimization
  • Compact package
Low Inertia Flat Brushless Motors
Low Inertia Flat Brushless Motors

Flat slotless BLDC motor concepts with low inertia that can reach high operating speeds without iron losses.

  • No cogging with low vibration
  • Flat architecture for lower application footprint, ideal for space constrained applications
  • Low inertia ideal for applications requiring quick start & stop motion
40mm Brushless DC Slotless Motors
Cost Optimized 40mm Brushless DC Slotless Motors

Motors designed to provide high-speed while delivering excellent peak torque capability.

  • Price optimized design
  • Performance maximized to deliver improved outcomes
  • No cogging torque
  • High speed capability at low voltage


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