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20mm Brushless Flat Motor With Outer Rotor Slotted Technology

Compact flat motor with power packed performance. 

Coming soon, the new 20mm brushless flat motor features a stator diameter of 20mm, rotor diameter of 19mm and overall length of 14mm using an outer rotor configuration. The electromagnetic circuit of this motor has been optimized in such a way that it provides improved motor regulation factor (power) in a more compact package as compared to many other standard motors. The performance-optimized design delivers exceptional high-power density and smooth output torque, all while providing excellent speed stability. Another item of note is that at only 13 gms, the 20mm brushless flat motor is also weight optimized.

Performance-driven applications operating under space restraints will benefit greatly from this motor’s performance; example applications include surgical robots, electric grippers, industrial pumps, lidar, and lab equipment. The 20mm brushless flat motor is also an ideal product for taking your application’s performance to the next level or for working on the next generation design of your application. 

Portescap will be able to soon support the sampling of the 20mm brushless flat motor. Ready to speak with an Applications Engineer? Submit an inquiry below.

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20mm bldc flat motor


  • High power density in a flat architecture
  • Compact size allows for reduced application footprint
  • Stable speed output creates smooth rotation
  • Light weight
  • Better efficiency


  • Cable or terminal outputs
  • Coil modifications - resistance and inductance
  • Custom shafts - flat, knurling, diameter, length
  • Value added mounting