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30ECA64 Sterilizable Brushless DC Motors

30mm Sterilizable Brushless Motor for Large Bone Orthopedic Drills & Saws

Coming soon, Portescap's new sterilizable 30ECA64 brushless DC slotless motor was created with surgical large bones orthopedic applications in mind. The 30ECA64 features a cost-optimized design and is an ideal solution for affordable battery-powered surgical hand tools. These high torque cannulated (4.7mm) medical motors are designed for high reliability in autoclave environments.

These precision brushless motors are able to withstand in excess of 500 autoclave cycles. With a 4.7mm cannulation to allow larger K-wires, the 30ECA64 is available to provide 110 mNm continuous torque, all with a compact 30mm diameter by 64mm length.

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  • Cannulated shaft available for drill and reamer compatible with K-wire
  • Overall mass of around only 256g. Lightweight and ergonomic package
  • Available with hall sensors to control speed and torque
  • Designed to withstand >500 autoclave cycles for higher reliability
  • Affordable design for surgical and dental hand tools


  • Custom output shafts - flats, knurling, diameter, length
  • Mechanical integration upon request (housing, front & rear flange, shaft)