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32mm Brushless Flat Motor with Outer Rotor Slotted Technology

High performance in a flat package for space constrained applications.

Arriving in 2022, the new 32mm flat brushless motor utilizes an outer rotor configuration with an air gap between the coil and magnetic structure being managed radially. This performance-optimized design delivers improved speed stability, extremely high-power density, and smooth output torque. The ratio between joule and iron losses has also been specially optimized in order to reduce losses, which results in improved efficiency and lower heating.

Wanting to take your application to the next level, or are you working on a future iteration of your device? The 32 mm brushless flat motor is an ideal product for your needs, especially if your application is performance-driven but space-constrained; example applications include service robotics, electric grippers, medical pumps, aerospace seat actuators, prosthetic legs, and laboratory equipment. 

Portescap will soon be able to support the sampling needs of the 32mm brushless flat motor. Ready to speak with an Applications Engineer? Submit an inquiry below.

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32mm bldc flat motor


  • High power density in a flat architecture
  • Compact size allows for reduced application footprint
  • Stable speed output creates smooth rotation
  • Lower power losses results in higher efficiency
  • Low cogging torque allows for decreased vibration


  • Coil modifications - resistance and inductance
  • Custom shafts - flat, knurling, diameter, length
  • Value added mounting