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90ECF Brushless Flat Motor

90mm flat motor with outer rotor slotted technology offers max continuous torque up to 1Nm

Coming soon, the new 90ECF is a flat BLDC motor featuring outer rotor slotted technology. With a 90mm diameter and overall body length of only 40mm, the 90ECF delivers power-packed performances in a very tight package. The 90ECF is available with a 260W power rating and delivers an overall continuous torque of up to 1Nm. Due to its high torque-carrying capacity, it is an ideal solution for applications looking for direct drive solutions; it can also help reduce the solution's overall complexity and cost of ownership by eliminating intermediary parts like gearboxes.

This new motor is equipped with a 22-pole magnetic design and an optimized winding circuit, easily providing torque levels up to 1Nm in a compact package. The standard version comes equipped with hall sensors for easy control. The 90ECF is best suited for applications requiring high torque and low to medium speed, such as wheel drives for AGV's, exoskeletons, surgical robots, oxygen concentrators, and service robotics.

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90ECF Brushless DC Slotted Flat Motor with Outer Rotor


  • Torque up to 1Nm in a compact package
  • Available with hall sensors to control speed and torque
  • Power output of 260 Watt
  • Direct Drive


  • Cable and connectors
  • Custom shafts - flats, knurling, diameter, length
  • Coil modifications - resistance and inductance
  • Mechanical integration upon request (housing, front & rear flange, shaft)