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Cost Optimized 40mm Brushless DC Slotless Motors

Motors designed to provide high-speed while delivering excellent peak torque capability.

The new 40mm BLDC motor is a 4 pole design, which is available in two variants: (1) with embedded fan and air inlets (55mm length), or (2) with a plain housing (44.2mm length). It provides unparalleled torque and power density with limited core losses over a wide range of working speeds without friction & brush wear. The 40mm motor can sustain peak torque during 2s up to 1.1Nm, and the maximum speed is 30,000rpm.

This motor is designed to provide high speeds despite the low voltage availability while delivering excellent peak torque capability. The embedded fan allows significant heat dissipation to maintain a low operating temperature under heavy load, which ultimately improves productivity.

The 40mm motors can be adapted to most industrial applications, and is an ideal choice for applications such as battery-operated hand tools (tightening, riveting, strapping, stapling, crimping, cutting, nail gun), factory automation equipment (fans, vacuum pumps), robotics and recreational applications such as golf trolleys.

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Cost Optimized Brushless DC Slotless Motors


  • Price optimized design
  • Performance maximized to deliver improved outcomes
  • No cogging torque
  • High speed capability at low voltage


  • Coil resistance
  • Mechanical integration (housing, front & rear flange, shaft)
  • Cable & connectors