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Low Inertia Flat Brushless Motors

Flat slotless BLDC motor concepts with low inertia that can reach high operating speeds without iron losses.

The new low inertia flat brushless (BL) motor concept uses a disc magnet rotor and a slotless stator design to avoid cogging or detent torque. The stator assembly can be with or without back iron to close the magnetic flux.

The benefit of having a design without back iron is eliminating iron losses which is strongly recommended for high-speed applications and a smooth operation. Designs with back iron provide higher continuous torque at lower speeds.

The new concept uses a very flat motor structure due to our disc magnet motor technology.

Proof of concept prototypes are available in 34 mm diameter, but different form factors may be possible with further analysis. Sampling is available upon request.

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Low Inertia Flat Brushless Motors


  • No cogging with low vibration
  • Flat architecture for lower application footprint, ideal for space constrained applications
  • Low inertia ideal for applications requiring quick start & stop motion
  • Design optimization of joule losses vs iron losses for an efficient motor


  • Cable or terminal outputs
  • Coil modifications - resistance and inductance
  • Custom shafts - flat, knurling, diameter, length
  • Value added mounting