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Quick Response Digital Linear Actuators

New linear actuator design uses unique Disc Magnet technology for a quick response time.

Certain applications, irrespective of their industry, require linear movements with quick forward and backward motions. This will help them save a lot of process time. Portescap's newest innovative concept combines its unique Disc Magnet technology with Linear Actuator technology to enable quick linear acceleration and deceleration within the same compact package

The Disc Magnet Motor (DMM) technology provides a very high dynamic acceleration due to very low inertia. Portecap's unique low inertia Disc Magnet motion technology integrated with Linear Actuators has made it possible to achieve high acceleration/deceleration in linear actuation mode providing unique solution for various complex application challenges.

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Quick Response Digital Linear Actuators


  • Overall cycle time reduction (high output)
  • Quick start/stop actions in linear actuation


  • Customized stroke length
  • Coil resistances
  • Mechanical interfaces (mountings, flasks, etc.)