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R08 - 8mm Planetary Gearbox

Smallest frame size available!

Coming soon, the R08 gearbox is only 8mm in diameter, but capable of high power output within a very short mechanical envelope. The R08 gearhead comes with 2 ball bearings in the front flange and is capable of delivering continuous torque up to 0.1 Nm. The new R08 will be available from 1 stage to 4 stages with different speed reduction ratios. The R08 is a highly efficient unit and can be a great fit for applications running on batteries.

Weighing in at only 6 grams, the R08 also provides a max intermittent torque of 0.15 Nm and max static torque of 0.3 Nm. The R08 gearbox, along with a combination of Portescap's BLDC and Brush DC motors, is well suited for critical applications such as insulin pumps, bionic fingers, electric grippers, biopsy devices, robotics, missile fin actuation, medical device, instrumentation, life sciences and aerospace & defense.

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R08 Gearhead


  • Max continuous torque up to 0.1Nm
  • Max Intermittent torque up to 0.15Nm
  • Efficiency up to 90%
  • Body mass of only 6 grams
  • Operating Temperature Range:-30deg to +85degC


  • Mechanical integration (housing, front & rear flange, shaft)
  • Custom shafts - flats, knurling, diameter, length
  • Special lubricants
  • Adaptations for harsh environment requirements (A&D, space,..)
  • AS9100 and ISO 13485 certification