Micro Brushless Motor

The 32BF brushless DC slotless motor utilizes 6 self supporting ironless coils. The 32BF miniature motor offers long life, excellent speed and position control and smooth rotation. Using a disc magnet design, it has no iron losses and a flat profile. The 32BF NuvoDisc micro brushless motor offers a highly efficient compact design with custom options for multiple needs. Portescap’s small brushless motors are the ideal solution for a myriad of applications.


16BHS 2-wire brushless DC slotless motor:
It utilizes a self-supporting cylindrical ironless coil made in the same winding technique as our ironless DC motors. Based on low iron losses at high speeds, this small brushless dc motor is efficient with a compact design. The 16BHS offers long life, excellent speed and position control and smooth rotation, benefits that can been utilized in applications such as respiratory and ventilation devices, clinical diagnostics, miniature pumps and valves.

22ECS60 micro brushless DC motor:
Part of our ULTRA EC™ series, it features a new proprietary magnetic design. This is a small brushless motor, crafted around our proprietary U coil technology. This new coil is the key to the outstanding performance of micro brushless dc motors, including minimal iron losses, higher efficiency and cooler operation. The unique coil design allows two-pole motors, for example, to deliver 30 % more torque compared to the same size motor using a conventional coil design. Typical applications include dental hand tools, pharmaceutical dispensing devices and respirators.

22ECT60 micro brushless DC motor:
Another motor from our ULTRA EC series is the 22ECT60, specifically optimized for high continuous torque at low to medium speeds, maximizing power between 10,000 and 20,000 rpm. These motors are capable of delivering two times higher continuous torque than comparable BLDC motors of same size over the entire low speed range. These motors excel in humanoid and surgical robots applications as well as seat actuation.

32BF nuvoDisc small brushless DC slotless motor:
It utilizes 6 self-supporting ironless coils. It is a slotless design with 8 poles, low profile, high efficiency, and three phase operation. Applications for this flat motor include medical devices, barcode scanners, media handling and land surveying devices.

4.2K RPM Arthroscopic Joint Shaver motor:
It is a small brushless DC motor optimized for powered surgical hand tools that are used in minimally invasive surgical procedures to repair joints such as the hip, knee, and shoulder. Portescap mini motors for surgical power applications are designed for high reliability in autoclave environments.

• ENT microdebrider  motor (a.k.a ENT shaver):
This motor is designed such that its motor torque and speed make it an ideal solution for powered surgical hand tools used in surgeries of the ear, nose and throat.

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