Small Gear Motor

Portescap’s disc magnet stepper motors leverage a unique thin disc magnet that enables finer step resolutions than permanent magnet can stack stepper motors in the same envelope. Their unique magnetization method allows smaller step angles and the optimized package size yields incremental movement in the shortest possible time. This makes these high-speed stepper motors an ideal choice for microstepping requirements. In addition, they are highly customizable and available in diameters starting at 10 mm up to 91 mm. The disc magnet design also enables faster acceleration and the highest top speed of any step motor while maintaining accurate positioning. These motors excel in applications that require fast incremental and precise motion.

Step resolution of disc magnet motors can be further enhanced by use of gearheads. A small gear motor utilizes a gearhead attached to the stepper motor where the gearbox is coupled to the load. Portescap’s R10 and R16 gearheads can be combined with our miniature disc magnet motors for increased torque output and finer incremental motion.

Instances where the miniature gear motors can be utilized:
• Our P010 and R10 disc magnet micro gear motor composite is typically used in clinical diagnostics locking mechanism applications.
• The P110 disc magnet motor can be used with gearheads such as B16 and R16 to provide different options for gear ratios and performance.
• The P110 and BA16 micro gear motor composite is ideal for use in medical pipettes.

A typical application of a disc magnet miniature gear motor composite is an infusion pump, delivering carefully metered and timed doses of medicine to a patient. Ambulatory battery-operated pumps have been developed to deliver daily medicine, nutritive supplements and anti-cancer drugs. The mini gear motor can also be used in applications where precise motion control along various axes is critical – clinical diagnostics machines and sample preparation workstations.

Small Micro Gear Motor Composite

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